Mantarin Queen of Insects

Mantarin queen of insects cover with border


Below is the list of characters and places in the upcoming book, Mantarin Queen of Insects, set in the same world of The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly. This book is in the early stages and will be similar in style as The Black Fairy.






Mantarin: Queen of the undergrowth. She is the most majestic, beautiful and powerful Queen of every insect, including those who would see her rule end.

Mantillis: Successor to the queen.

Mantroci: The Queen’s sister who was overlooked to rule because her heart is evil and cunning. She dwells in the forbidden forests of Helionin.

Wasprey: Queen of all stinging and biting insects including the black Hornets. Her minions are the soldier ants and other wasps. She rules the air.

Beetlord (pronounced Bee-te-lord): Lord of beetles, large and small. The horned Lord rules the ground.

Dragonis De Sliver: King of the peaceful dragonflies. Successor to Vanos De Silver, mentioned in The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly.

Anteries: King of the Ants.

Beetrice: Queen of the Bees and Butterflies. Her kingdom is a neutral kingdom and she rules over the world of flowers. She also rules over the lesser butterflies, the Moths, who inhabit the forests at night.

Centipidus (pronounced Cen-ti-pi-dus): King of Centipedes and millipedes. The millipedes are subservient to his rule.

Scorpaci: King of Scorpions. At war with the centipedes.

Arachvenim: A black widow who is queen of all Arachnids.

Eglarthis: Queen of all birds that fly in the air. Natural enemy of insects and rodents.

Rodendri: King of all rodents and small furry animals.

Sheebas (Sheeaniasothentantial) Norbas: The Grasshopper Queen.

Snorl: The Frog Lord of Sereth-Eben



Fairy Kingdom

Jasmine Black De Small: Queen of Fairies. Successor to Lilly Black De Small, named by Vanos many years ago. She rules the Fairy Kingdom because her mother is now too old.



Helionin: The forbidden forests

Canopia: The beautiful world of the canopy above all forests where the sun shines and the mists fall.

Swamsea: The land of swamps and wetlands.

Deseranin: Wasteland of dunes and a sea of sand.

Seaswell: Lands along the coast of Vibransea.

Undatis: The underworld where creatures that burrow live.

Lowgreen: Those who are protected by Mantari, Queen of the undergrowth.

Higreen: Where dwells the Queen and all her subjects.

Mystical Mountains: They form a natural border from the world outside. Mentioned in Escape From the Dark Queen.

Sereth-Eben: Lands of frogs and other amphibians. Ruled over by Snorg. Has great affinity with the horned beetles. They mainly keep to themselves and prefer not to engage in any wars. This was mentioned in The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly.

Vibransea: The great southern oceans that form a natural barrier from the outside world.



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