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Escape From The Dark Queen wordpressMy latest novel, Escape From The Dark Queen, is the sequel to The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly. The story follows on from where the original left off, with Lilly and her companions relying on her to rid the world of the evil Queen once and for all. 

Latest Review:

“Author Paul Day continues to captivate young (and not so young) readers with his new sequel to “The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly”. In “Escape From The Dark Queen” the protagonist, Lilly the Black Fairy, once again triumphs over evil with her ingenuity and courage. Accompanied by her trusted and loyal friends, Lily battles wicked Queen Eglarth and saves her fellow fairies and the other woodland creatures from the queen’s evil clutches. The happy ending is delightful. Warmly recommended.” (S Mazor)

Black Fairy and the Dragonfly WordPress

In the original novel, The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly, Lilly is forced from her Kingdom and forced to live as an outcast. She befriends a dragonfly and eventually lives among the dragonflies, learns their language and adopts their way of life. But when the fairies suddenly disappear, she feels compelled to help them, despite what they did. What she discovers along the way is a puzzling mystery. She must draw upon all her inner strength to solve the mystery and free the fairies.

One of fifteen reviews:

“If you’ve spent any time at all around a pond in the summer, you’ve seen them. The dragonflies. Madly flitting about, they’re the kamikazes of the insect kingdom. In this book, they’re also a kindly race (whose language sounds like a charming cross between Yoda and Mr. Rogers), happy to adopt a young fairy who has been ejected Black Fairy and the Dragonfly WordPressfrom her community, just because she’s a bit out of the ordinary.

Lilly, as she’s eventually named by the dragonflies, is happy with them until she dreams the other fairies are in danger. When she decides to return home, three dragonflies accompany her, and their adventure begins. Ahead of Lilly are a long journey, mysterious powers for her to overcome, and an evil Queen. This is the first part of a trilogy, so be prepared for a cliff-hanger ending.

If you’re a fan of George MacDonald’s work, or Andrew Lang’s rainbow of Fairy Books, you’ll enjoy this story. It’s perfect for a read-aloud, for listeners ranging from 3 to 7, with short chapters that keep the story moving. The author’s descriptions of the power and beauty of nature are a plus.” (Lizzie Ross, from The Kindle Book Review)


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