Earth’s Last War

Earth’s Last War
(By Paul G Day)
They sat beneath the tree of hope,
Besieged by past regret.
And there in silenced prayed in faith,
Their sins the Lord forget.
Each year they waited in the shade,
Of that magnificent holy tree.
And beseeched the eternal,
To set their poor hearts free.
In greater numbers did they come,
As the world around them fell.
The heavens, turbulent, swirled above,
While the ground beneath gave way to hell.
“How long does our King tarry hence,
As darkness overcomes”, they cried.
But no voice was heard to comfort them,
As the world they once loved, slowly died.
Then just as evil found them there,
A thunderous voice did roar.
When the sun of light appeared to them,
And vanquished every enemy,
At the end of Earth’s last war.

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