Bully Me Trailer

bully me 2 books

What do you do when it seems like all your life people see you as an easy target? They will shame you, mock you, belittle and lie about you. They will do anything and everything to destroy you. This is a biographical fantasy novel drawing attention to the relentless and appalling behavior of seven individuals whose malicious and callous behavior almost ruined the individual. This story takes place over two books, the first of which is written for young people. The second book pics up where the first ends with a focus more on adults. These books will astound you as they follow a life lived in constant fear of what comes next, set against the backdrop of hopelessness and anxiety, as the subject of the story is pursued by two competing unseen forces attempting to pull him in opposite directions. The result is ultimately a story of courage and hope in the face of desperate loneliness and isolation.


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