Society is a Game of Thrones

Society is a Game of Thrones

By Paul G Day.

(Do you recognize your own situation in this? Forgive me for having a moment but I have clearly had enough)

There is no truer show on television than Game of Thrones. The only difference between the fictional world and ours is that people in our age destroy you with their gossip, their innuendo and their lies as they scramble for position to see who will rise and who will fall. They have no morals, no conscience or remorse as they use every weapon in their possession to bring you to heel.

Such people are bullies who think nothing of walking over anyone who stands in their way in their relentless climb to assert themselves on the ladder of ambition, laying waste to hundreds, if need be, as they clamber ever upwards in their pursuit of social dominance.

They are malicious, indifferent and cowardly. They cover the tracks of their deceit carefully as they cast artificial perfumed roses behind them, whilst making sure you are left to wallow in a pile of stinking crap. They will call you paranoid, suggest you don’t belong, that you are unwelcome, that you are somehow inept and they will use your frustration, your anger and your indignation against you as evidence that you cannot be trusted, all the while painting an artifice of themselves as morally and intellectually superior.

If you are a goodhearted person, you are fair game, because you refuse to play their rotten charade of deceit and meet them head on. They are boastful, proud and arrogant, careless with their choice of words, playing ignorant when you pull them up on their untruthfulness and when you have finally had enough and snap, they make sure they position themselves in the light and keep the truth about you in the dark as they mercilessly trample on your good name, leaving nothing of you but a poor, opaque, distorted reflection of the person you really are. They always win and there is not a weapon in your limited arsenal that will bring them down and expose them for the horrible demons they truly are.

To make matters worse, they have everyone who matters believing they are right because of the facade they have perfectly and neatly arranged for themselves, hiding their true persona behind a wall of apparently substantive, yet completely falsified evidence about you. Meanwhile, those who know you best and could have helped and vouched for you, hide behind a thin veil of hypocrisy, too fearful, too anxious or simply too busy with their own mess to come to your defense so that you are, permanently and irreversibly, wholly on your own.


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