I don’t know what I have to do folks to get people to do a review. I ran a competition, offered a fantastic prize worth more than $300 (total) including a brand new Tablet. I offered two of my books for free to review to enter the comp. I know that almost 50 books have been downloaded, but only two of you have entered the competition, despite the fact I extended it.

This is really disappointing and makes me question whether I should ever be so generous in the future. I would cancel this comp, except for the fact it would be unfair to the two people who have entered, one of which has written two reviews. I feel like just giving that person first and second prize and the other entrant third prize.

Come on guys. I have been generous, I’ve given away more books than I care to count and yet even when I offer a prize that’s going to cost me personally a small fortune, I still can’t seem to generate enough interest.

I don’t want to sound grumpy, but is it really that hard to take the time to enter when you have downloaded two great books, specifically for that purpose?

Please follow the link to enter.

Competition details here:

first prize jan 2016



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