YouTube Channel Stats & Anniversary

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Hi friends, fans and followers,

black fairy thumbnailAs many of you know I have been working frantically to improve my YouTube channel. The reason for this focus is simple. YouTube is the number one network for showcasing your work in video form and people are attracted to good quality videos. It was not enough to simply pump out dozens of book trailers suited to a very narrow audience, mostly made up of fellow writers. I had to expand, to branch out. With that in mind Ihave been experimenting with what works best and Ihave found my tutorials, designs and Natural Phenomenon videos are by far my mos popular. The goal here though, as with everything I do, is to attract people to my books, my work. The beauty of the videos is I can include links and reminders within the video.

Reptile rumble thumbnail3As a result of all this work, I have seen a tremendous increase in traffic and interest (See graphs below). It took me 3 years to get 28 subscribers. I’ve added ten new ones this week alone. I used to be lucky to have 5 views per day (in total for all videos), now I am averaging 150. Just look at the images below and see for yourself how this works. The reason for the success is diversity of content. As well as Book Trailers, I now do 3D Sketchup design Animations, Inspirational videos, Audio/Video Books, Weather and Natural Events, Tutorials on Cover Design, travel videos and other fun videos involving animals around our property.

Star Child thumbnailIt’s a brave new world my friends. You either run with it, or get left behind. If YouTube wasn’t already big before, it’s going to be massive soon. Only 5 years ago it was news when a video had 1o million views. Now it’s not uncommon for a video to have up to 3oo million views. This is bigger than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined in terms of its worldwide reach and accessability.

So, find your niche. Work out what you love to do. Film it. Animate it and put it up on your own channel and draw people into your world and then invite them to participate in your work as an author.

BTW my wife and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary today.

On 30th January 28 years ago I married the girl I met at our Church Youth Group. She is the love of my life and my best friend.




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