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Hi friends, fans and followers,

Star Child thumbnailI have heaps of updates for you all. Firstly, I had a stellar December with record sales. I sold on average two print versions of my books per day. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this past December was my best month ever overall with sales increasing across the board on Paperback and Digital titles. January has been less successful, but I am happy with the Christmas period.

black fairy thumbnailI have some new videos to put up here in case you missed them on my YouTube channel, which itself has seen a tremendous increase in activity. In fact, I am on target to achieve better than 20,000 views by years end. I have seen an increase in views on the channel of 1,000 percent since I started adding new types of entertaining videos. See for yourself below.

Reptile rumble thumbnail3I said right at the beginning of the year on this blog that I expect 2016 to be my year. But it won’t happen all by itself. I started the year with a huge prize offer, though I have been a little disappointed with the number of entries (one in fact to date). This is a great offer with over $300 in prize value for First, Second and Third with the winner receiving a brand new Tablet already loaded with ten of my novels and children’s books. For more details about the competition, follow this link.

I also made a New Years resolution (actually towards the end of 2015) that I would try to be more positive, take the hits and enjoy the highs while they last. I think this new attitude will work well, so long as I remember that success is not the only goal.

I want to thank my core group of fans, Gigi Sedlmayer, Chris Graham, Janice SpinaΒ and a few others who have been behind me all the way, willing to not only buy my books, but review them and back my work.

cover-imageI have new videos to share with you. First up is the complete audio book version of The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly, which you can listen to along with your kids while you do housework, potter in the garden or whatever else your busy life demands. Then there are two new trailers for Star Child, as well as yet another audio book, this time for Red Bearonaut. Then there is Reptile Rumble which is just a fun video game style video featuring two fighting lizards I filmed on our property. Finally, you might want to check out the latest promotional trailer for Brave Bear Books.

I hope you enjoy all the new content. Please visit my YouTube channel and say hi.







7 thoughts on “New Videos & Audio Books

  1. Congratulations! So glad to hear things are going well. I went to the You Tube page and was immediately intrigued by the Star Child and also the Black Fairy story. I was reluctant to put my novel into an audio book form, but listening to your yours, I see how the music draws the reader in (or at least it did me), but I don’t know any musicians so I’m sure having music added would be quite expensive. I love the voice of the person reading the Black Fairy. Did you choose the reader or did the publisher? Loved it. Will definitely be listening to more of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Hi and thank you. I use music by Kevin MacLeod and Two Steps From Hell. Kevin’s music is free to use so long as you credit him in either the description or in the video. Two Steps will let you use their music, so long as you don’t make any money from the video. Many people use Kevin MacLeod. You can find his music at I used Ivona Reader for the narration, then altered it using Audacity to make her sound younger. It’s tricky and you have to tinker with the spelling to get the pronunciation right, but as far as artificial voices go, Amy in Ivona is one of the most natural. I bought the program Ivona, but everything else I used was free.


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