Is this a fair competition?


Free advance copy of Mirrorball for all who voted upon publishing. Please read the following carefully.

Dear friends, fans and followers,

mirrorball cover jan 2016 lgeAs you all know, I have entered a competition to win a publishing deal. I am currently third on the leader board, but the leader of the competition is way out in front with no possibility of being caught. Under normal circumstances, I would tip my hat and say “well done”. But, the entrant in questions clearly states that the book they are proposing has already been published (in another language) and in part has been published in English. As well, the entrant claims to have already won awards. I entered under the assumption that this was a level playing field and that the writer’s entry must be original and unpublished. I have been back and forth on the forums with admin of the Online Book Club about this and they refuse to remove the entry. In my last message I threatened to withdraw my entry because it is unfair and places the leading entry at a serious advantage.

Those of you who are self published know just how difficult it is to get recognition for your work. Every day there are new challenges and restrictions and it is also becoming harder to even get reviews, let alone sell books. So anything that potentially gives you a leg up is a good thing. but not when you are at a disadvantage right at the very beginning. I am sure other legitimate entrants would share my frustration.

If I have to withdraw from this competition I would be letting down all those friends who voted for me and believe in me. but I cannot be in a competition and invest all this time in it if the final result is already decided. This competition has been flawed from the beginning and the Online Book Club have not really thought through their criteria or stuck to their policy of removing entries that they feel breeches their rules (whether stated or implied).

This is becoming a frustrating business. I’m not giving up, just being realistic about my chances and what I choose to invest my time in. Besides, I feel strongly that my book will be a good seller on its own merits. Everyone who has read the blurb and the chapter samples would agree. I’ve even had people commit to buying a copy once it is published. So, I am waiting for a response and if I don’t get satisfaction, I have no choice but to withdraw my entry. At present I am on 24 points, but the leader is on 69. With two months to go, I do not have enough support to challenge those kinds of numbers in any case. This is so disappointing.

I want to thank everyone who did vote for showing great faith and have decided to give each of you who voted an advance copy of the book when it is ready as an acknowledgment of that faith. If you voted, please remind me (as it is difficult to tell) in the comments section below.


7 thoughts on “Is this a fair competition?

    • Thanks. I am. My time will come, I know it. 2016 is my year even if I have to do something extraordinary to make it so. I have something just like that in mind and it will blow people away…I hope.


  1. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. Some things in life aren’t fair but we learn to try to adapt to the disappointments. I wish you well always! I agree with Chris about not reblogging this. Some may take advantage of your generous nature. Please take care and take a deep breath and keep moving forward my friend. Blessings to you and your wife! 😘

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