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star pawsI hate injustice. There, I said it. I mean it too. It’s not that I am a particularly just person. I’ve done my share of wrong. But these days, everywhere I turn good people are being screwed over. In the world, people who get ahead are largely self-serving, narcissistic and mean spirited. They walk all over good folks who would never stoop to the levels these selfish people have done and do so often. Instead, these few good people follow their heart, believe in the old saying “My word is my bond” and have not sold their soul to the Devil.

Injustice takes many forms in this modern era. So many times I have watched the news (something I tend to avoid these days) and people are literally getting away with murder. Children are not made to accept responsibility from a young age. Instead, excuses are made for their behavior, which is enabled by a system which rewards badness, thereby allowing bullying to not only exist, but thrive. This bullying becomes a habit, which is then perfected in adulthood in the workplace and in society in general. Bullies are everywhere. They sit there in the relative anonymity of their private room, mindlessly and relentlessly typing away their foul vitriol. Their targets are those who are good at heart, who do good things. Why? Because their own lives are shallow, devoid of goodness and ultimately they are sad little know-it-alls who have serious hangups and firmly believe life owes them more than they themselves are willing to give. They take everything and offer nothing worthwhile in return. They stand on the backs of their victims and shout their endless malice for all the world to hear.

Injustice is a disease and it has been allowed to spread throughout society, infecting everyone who is already heading down the sad, lonely path of the sociopath. It is found at the very top of government, is evident in the decisions of judges and filters down into educational facilities, our communities and even in the home.

We have become timid, too scared to speak the truth, too worried about labels if we do and too caught up in the cyclic merry-go-round of this sometimes impossible life and all its increasing woes.

Why am I saying all this? Well, as a person I have experienced my own share of injustice. Recently, at one of the schools I teach, a teenage boy took exception to my challenge about his dishonest behavior and made it a public issue. it all came to a head when I went to see the principal and she informed me that this lad’s parents have made accusations against me. Why? Because they prefer to believe the lies of their son over the truth of a teacher. They too are enabling his bad behavior and shaping him into the work place bully he is destined to become. I resolved this after threatening the school with legal action. In my meeting I made it abundantly clear that this was never allowed to happen again. The school admitted they knew he was lying, but instead of contacting me when I could have done something about it, they sat on it, listened to the careless attitude of the parents and instead of supporting their staff member, they allowed it to fester before acting too late. I can’t tell you what the accusations concern. What I will say is this. I have been wronged so many times by the education department, by bosses who paint by the numbers, by people who think nothing of lying so many times I have lost count.

Yes, injustice is everywhere. It is evil. You can’t combat it with goodness. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, as I do, you are a target. Perhaps it’s jealousy, or perhaps, to put it bluntly, you show them up for the insecure, untruthful, hypocritical narcissists these people are. perhaps they see you as a threat to their narrowly defined existence. At the end of the day they win because society favors deceit at all levels of human existence.

In my stories, I often have characters included just like those I am talking about. But my protagonists are always good, always right and long suffering beings. In the end though, when this current life fades away and we all enter into whatever life awaits us beyond the grave, I wonder how their lives will stack up to divine scrutiny. The Indian culture believe in Karma. Well, regrettably, karma does not always find its target in this lifetime, much to my eternal dismay.

I am a stronger person for all my personal trials. But that does not mean I don’t still get angry. You bet I do. I sometimes throw all caution to the wind, which only makes it worse. But I am who I am. My heart is there for all to see. There are no airs or graces, no facade, no second guessing of my intentions. If it’s there to be said I say it. If it’s there to be done I do it. I don’t hold back and neither should I. One day, far away from here, all the badness and goodness will be revealed. I take comfort in this solitary fact.

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