King of the Jungle

Hi friends, fans and followers,

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Graham and Kaipo cover rev2 sep2 2015I just uploaded a brand new trailer for the comic book Graham and Kaipo that I just know your kids will love. This full color picture book has a fantastic story about the dangers of the illegal animal trade told with great sensitivity and good humor along the way. Now available only on Kindle. Paperback version coming soon.

Not since Tarzan have there been heroes of the jungle like the great Ape Graham and his little Koala friend Kaipo. This full color 74 page children’s comic book is a great story of courage and survival as these two unlikely friends escape the animal traders and embark on a quest to find their families. But they soon realize that animals aren’t the only creatures at risk when they make a startling discovery.



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The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly  (Review link for this title)

Red Bearonaut  (Review link for this title)

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first prize jan 2016


second prize jan 2016

third prize jan 2016






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