Book Deal & Competition Updates

On this page:  Brave Bear Books Big Prize


Hi friends, fans and followers,

brave bear prize giveaway

Brave Bear Books Big Prize (See below Prize details in the images for more)

The second thing I wanted to do is to remind you of my massive prize. All you need to do is download one or both of the free books (see links below), share this page on social media, write a review and post it on Amazon and that’s it. You will be entered into the draw to win a brand new Tablet, including 10 digital copies of my best books, plus five signed books including three novels and two full color picture books, plus an Audio Book DVD of The Black Fairy. Total prize value is $200.00 and includes postage and handling.



Remember you MUST write a review to enter. 🙂

1. Download one of the following books (PDF)

The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly  (Review link for this title)

Red Bearonaut  (Review link for this title)

2. Share on Social Media

3. Write a review and post on Amazon


first prize jan 2016

first prize jan 2016 part 2

second prize jan 2016

third prize jan 2016


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