Eternal Book Series Proposal

Dear friends, fans and followers,

As you may know I have been working on a number of projects, too many one might be forgiven for thinking. But there is one project I had wanted to do for the longest of times and it is quite unlike anything else I have ever attempted. I had put this to the back of my mind for a long time, believing that I did not have the skills to do it justice. However, I have been thinking a lot about the beginning of all things and wanted to write something that was part fantasy, part biblical history and part narrative verse. A Creation Epic one might say. Now before you go all, “Oh brother” on me, perhaps you might take a moment to take a look at a first draft of the prologue. I would certainly be very interested to hear your thoughts about this before I continue further. Have a read, draw it in, become one with the words and then tell me if it works. 🙂




The Birth of Light

eternal coverIn the black of the eternal darkness at the beginning of all things, no sound was heard, no voice, no heralding trumpet. Nothing to indicate that the empty universe was about to undergo a dramatic change. Only the Eternal moved unseen and unfelt, through the emptiness of the nothingness that then was.

Suddenly a flash of brilliant light interrupted the darkness, filling the everlasting void with the power of a trillion suns. It burst forth with such magnitude that had there been anything else in existence, it would have been instantly evaporated.

The light sent forth a magnificence of pure white in every direction outwards, ever expanding, ever increasing in volume for a time that to the Eternal was insignificant next to the length of time he had preexisted.

The brilliant light brought forth a sound, not as mere mortals would hear, but a sound so troubling, so extraordinary that had it too been heard, it would likewise have shattered anything in its path. The sound was carried by the light as it continued to expand, as uninterrupted as it was unchallenged.

The light, followed immediately by the sound, sent vibrations forth; rings of incandescent protuberance directed out at every degree by great shards of light, piercing the darkness and heralding the Eternal’s arrival.

Thus, this is how the light was born and it continued to expand for countless eons, ever outward.

As time passed the light cooled, while other balls of lesser light gathered in massive spheres of autonomous luminescence. Each sphere collected other still smaller spheres as they sped forever away from the light that gave them birth. A hundred, then a thousand, then a million and then billions of spinning balls of energy in a galactic dance the likes of which had never been known. At the center of each family of spheres was a single centurion mass. It shepherded the others as they swung around it. A billion other collections of similar gatherings likewise sped out into the void that had previously been occupied only by the black of nothingness.

Yet more time passed until each galactic gathering found a home, still speeding away, though slowed significantly by the relentless pull of the gravitational influence of the original blast.

A ghostly halo of hot gasses bound the balls of energy in neat spirals, thereby governing how the eventual shape of the colossus of objects would finally form. In time they sat almost motionless as seen from a great distance; so far at this moment that the billions of spheres of light appeared as but a single object.

Then a second vibration shook the forming heavens and rattled the gasses, shaking them in such a manner that they expelled cooler elements, which at last formed solids, which in turn spun and collided with each other, bouncing away at first, only to be drawn back to each other again, where they eventually settled into ever enlarging solidified globes.

The globes grew until the weight of their own gravity heated the dense matter at their core, melting the surface, forming irregular shapes as they subsequently cooled and then solidified again.

The globes, spinning with the pull of the gravity from the great balls of energy they surrounded, fell into a graceful elliptical orbit, some in the dozens, some in the hundreds. Other bodies cooled so much that they crystallized or formed liquefied gases, which then became fluids of various viscosity.

With the passage of time some of these systems settled into a predictable rhythm as they waltzed around each other. A few of the globes were large and others small. The larger ones held the lighter elements at or near their surface, many with toxic gasses, but some far less threatening in their concoctions. A few of these systems allowed for liquids to form in their atmosphere and the liquid caused patterns of movement that then eroded the ever changing landscape. Some of the liquids fell as rain down on the lands, cooling the ground until finally a few of these new worlds were ready.

For a third time a voice like that of thunder shook the gasses and the skies of these bodies were lit with sparks and streaks of light. Then, when the time was right, the Eternal visited one of his creations, cast his presence above the moving waters, eyeing the conditions, searching for evidence and then, turning into the form of something unlike anything else in creation, he walked upon a single mountain which still burned fiercely from a cauldron atop its giant peak. From a position on its slopes, unfazed by the furnace above him, the Eternal gazed across the wondrous landscape and, as if nodding his approval, he spoke through the natural heavens, but this time it was a voice much less like a vibration and much more like that of a sentient being.

“It will do.”

Proposed follow up books in the series

Eternal series covers


14 thoughts on “Eternal Book Series Proposal

  1. You say this is a prologue to the whole series, and you intend there to be elements of narrative verse. So I’m guessing this part will be totally different from what follows — which will involve individual human characters? I wonder if you’ve considered writing this prologue in present tense, and possibly with more poetic language (while preserving the cosmological aspects). The seven paragraphs that follow the one that says “this is how the light was born” seem a bit lengthy. On the other hand, I admire your intent to marry the ideas of a Creator with a scientific account of the beginning of all things. Good luck with this project!

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    • My wife asked the same questions. The prologue is designed to be quite different from the rest of the novel which is told largely through the eyes of the brother of the Archangel Michael. In the beginning he is tempted by Lucifer to follow him in a revolt against the Eternal, but at the last minute he changes his mind and hands Lucifer and the rebellious Angels over to the Eternal. This one act sets in motion a series of events both in heaven and on Earth that will have lasting consequences for all creation. How’s that for a summary. lol 🙂 Thanks btw.

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