The Storyteller’s House

Dear friends, fans and followers,

I had a dream about this not long ago and could not stop thinking about it, so I made a cover and wrote a blurb for a possible YA Fantasy/Mystery/Drama titled, The Storyteller’s House. I would be very interested in what everyone thinks. Of course, given the shear number of projects I am currently working on, it might be some time before I commit to this book.

Blurb (first draft)

On the outskirts of a rural township, an old house stands as a last testament to an era which is fast disappearing. Earmarked for demolition, the apparently derelict house is inhabited by an old man equally surrounded by mystery. For a long time he was the subject of rumors, gossip and innuendo. But when Sandy and her family move in to an adjoining farm property, she, along with her brother Timmy befriend the old man and begin listening to his many fantastic stories. They visit him as often as they can, but the more they hear the unlikely stories, the more they are drawn into those worlds his stories inhabit until one night during a thunderstorm, something incredible happens in the old house that will take them on a journey both strange and extraordinary.

the storytellers house


6 thoughts on “The Storyteller’s House

    • Wow. Quick reply. I only just put that up. Thanks Chris. I have so many books to write and there just doesn’t seem time, given we are renovating. Well, at least our daughter’s wedding is out of the way. I write mainly when my wife is at work, but this week especially it will be hard because I am framing up the bathroom. Well, a man has to do what he has to do. However, I have one book almost complete and two more on the way. πŸ™‚ Got to finish Mirrorball and then on to The Fairy and the Hummingbird first.

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