My Wife and I Are Heartbroken

Beck and Daniel

After such an extraordinary and beautiful wedding, where my wife and I witnessed the marriage of our wonderful daughter to her beloved groom, the week and a half since has been anything but wonderful. I held off telling my readers this because it was still so raw and both my wife and I thought it was over. But, sadly, it is not. Of all the betrayals one can endure in life, the betrayal of friends and family are the worst. Yet, that is exactly what me, my wife, my daughter and her new husband have suffered at the hands of two individuals who, in a jealous, unprovoked rage, set about unravelling our happiness and sabotaging our daughter’s new life.

It all began with what could under some circumstances be seen merely as a wedding prank. Our daughter’s best friend, who was one of the bridesmaids, together with my daughter’s husband’s sister, went into the newly weds private bedroom (at their home) and completely trashed it. They didn’t merely decorate it, they literally trashed it. They went through our daughter’s personal belongings and did things which go far beyond a joke. It has become clearly evident in the days subsequent that this was nothing short of jealous rage by two people who, for different reasons, have conspired over a period of time to destroy our daughter emotionally.

Our lovely daughter Beck

When our daughter confronted them, rather than apologise for upsetting her and take responsibility, they put it all straight back onto her, claiming that it was all her fault. Her new sister-in-law told her she should never have married into the family and a day later told her own brother she hoped he “died on the plane to Bali”. Meanwhile, our daughter’s best friend set about roping others into her desperate world of jealousy, even turning a popular YouTube channel against our daughter. The actions of these two girls are nothing short of malicious and as a direct result, our daughter has lost her best friend and will probably never speak to her husband’s sister again.

That should have been the end of it. But no, these two horrible girls have been spreading rumors online to anyone that will listen and to other friends and family. My daughter was devastated. We wound up at her in-laws place the morning after the wedding for what should have been a fun present opening get-together. Instead, all four of us were crying on the footpath of a busy road, with only my new son-in-law’s father there to offer his support. It was his daughter and the best friend of our daughter who did this atrocious thing and had they promptly apologised and then offered straight away to clean up the mess, that would have been the end of it. But no, instead they justified their actions, took no responsibility and became hostile and aggressive and from that point everything unravelled quickly.

My beautiful wife and I

For my part I went inside and demanded my daughter’s sister-in-law apologise. Instead she only made excuses and seemed genuinely pleased with herself. I was so angry I lost my cool and told her in no uncertain terms that she would pay for her actions for years to come. There is a lot more to this and a history of jealousy not only on behalf of the sister, but also my daughter’s best friend. But even we were surprised and appalled at the lengths some will go to to destroy another person right when they should be happiest. Believe me when I say that their actions were evil and it is now clear they had been trying to sabotage our daughter’s relationship from the beginning.

Nobody deserves this, least of all the girl I love and respect now more than ever. For she has continued to keep her chin up, carry herself with pride and dignity and be the better person, resolving to leave it all in the past and move on, even while her so-called best friend continues to this moment to attempt to further destroy our daughter’s reputation online. The family my daughter married into claims to be Christian. I threw that straight back into the sister’s face with this comment in my spray: “Wy don’t you have the courage of your convictions and do the right thing and live up to the Christian values you claim to uphold.” Her response should have been predicted. “Christians aren’t perfect.” I shot straight back with, “That’s just an excuse for your horrible behaviour”.

The Bridesmaid featured here is not one of the ones who betrayed our daughter.
The Bridesmaid featured here is not one of the ones who betrayed our daughter.

I myself believe in God. But there is a reason I no longer go to Church. Because in my experience, these sort of self-righteous hypocrites are exactly the sorts of people who go to church and pray, whilst in their private lives they are every bit as malicious, cunning, underhanded, bitter and deceptive as the worst people you could ever hope to know.

My wife has cried every day since Sunday the 22nd of November. She is devastated that the beautiful day was ruined irreperably by the careless, indifferent actions of two spoilt young women who, in an effort to take the shine away from our daughter, have only exposed themselves for the dishonest trouble makers they really are.

But we have now taken steps to right some of the wrongs being done, whislt at the same time have decided to get on with life and celebrate the good things that happened on that gorgeous day. To that end, here are all three videos I have made so far from footage taken by my own great brother-in-law, one of which features me proudly walking my daughter along the beach to her groom. It’s a pitty that two of the faces in some of the shots are the creatures who are responsible for the trauma. My advice to them is Karma’s a bitch.

The wonderful Maid of Honor and true friend
The wonderful Maid of Honor and true friend
The second Bridesmaid and beautiful friend
The second Bridesmaid and beautiful friend

17 thoughts on “My Wife and I Are Heartbroken

  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day for your family to celebrate your daughter and son in-laws love. As for the offensive and deplorable behaviour that happened, it’s like you said karma is a bitch!

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  2. I was sad to hear what happened to the newlyweds immediately after the wedding. One’s first response is of course to get very angry – justifiably so – but one can’t change the past. So try to move on, Paul. You and your wife gave your daughter a wonderful wedding. Cherish its thoughts and don’t let the very bad behaviour of angry, jealous people ruin things for all of you. Those who call themselves Christians should stick to the Golden Rule which says, “You must love your neighbour as yourself.” I don’t see much of this in the behaviour of your daughter’s so-called “best friend” or her new sister-in-law. All the best to you, your wife,family and true friends.

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  3. Paul, I was crying reading it. I am so sorry to hear about the heart aches. what can I say. I really don’t know what is going on in the Christian faith and churches. Anita is heartbroken in church as well. How can they act as they act? It’s not right. Are they testing us until the end of days? You kept incredibly strong and I thank god for it. Keep it up and for your daughter. She must be an amazing girl. All the best for you all. My heart is going out for you all.

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  4. Blessing to your family Paul, I am praying for all of you. The word of God teaches that we will know his people by their love. This is not the actions of someone who loves.

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