Vote and Get A Free Ebook

Hi folks,

I’ve made Five brand new trailers for your enjoyment.  Please choose your favorite, write a comment below telling me in 50 words why you like it and I will gift you any one of my books via Amazon. (See Poll below last trailer). Please share with everyone you know on FB, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Thanks for sharing and I hope you all enjoy them. 🙂

  1. Vote
  2. 50 word comment
  3. include your email
  4. I gift you a book
  5. You may like to write a review 🙂


Paul G Day


(Demonstration of the potential of this wonderful site)


(Third Children of Mars trailer)


(Comic Book coming soon)

and of course


Trailer 5: Simple Stories

Vote for your favorite and tell me in 50 words why you like it and I will gift you a book via Amazon

(Don’t forget to include your email address)



27 thoughts on “Vote and Get A Free Ebook

  1. I enjoyed the first, which demonstrates the site, but my favourite is trailer three – Super Red. Basically I’m a sucker for superheroes and you used the perfect score to highlight the genre. I also enjoyed the article tiles which drop into shot, creating the journalist/comic vibe. You used clever cues, and they made me sit up and pay attention. I want to know all about Super Red!

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  2. I just loved the trailer about Graham and Kaipo! Very compelling trailer about a subject that needs to be addressed. Great message and loved the bond between Graham and Kaipo. Great job!! Would love a copy of Graham and Kaipo for my library!! greymyre at gmail dot com is the address… Thanks so much and will leave a review!

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  3. My favorite was Graham and Kaipo. The video left me compelled to read what I am sure is a very informative and touching story bringing out some very serious and dangerous issues in this world. The illustrations are beautiful, the friendship and bond between these two unlikely ones is powerful. I would love to receive a copy of Graham and Kaipo, write a review, and tell my younger grandchildren about the book. Email is

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  4. Well, Paul. Of course I has to be Graham and Kaipo. Love it. But I have to say, I love them all, particular the Children of Mars, love sci-fi and with Super red you did a marvelous job. All the illustrations are wonderful. And all of your other stories. Most of them I have read. But not Graham and Kaipo.It looks great with the Koala. wonderful. Love it.

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