Number Five in “Apes and Monkeys” on Amazon

Hi folks,

Graham and Kaipo cover rev2 sep2 2015Thanks to those who bought a copy or who voted on the trailers and won a copy of Graham and Kaipo. As a result, my new book is number 5 in Apes and Monkeys on the Amazon best sellers chart. This might seem a small thing, but none of my books have ever been in the top 10 of any category and it is testament to the excitement generated for my new book thanks to Chris Graham, Viv Drewa, Gigi Sedlmayer, Patrick Jones, Judith Barrows and Sally Cronin (Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone) who have relentlessly promoted my book(s). I cannot ever fully repay the trust, the faith and the hope this support has given me in my work.

Also, there are a couple of people who didn’t give me their email address in my first offer of free books. Please send me your email if you responded to the first book offer (See “Set Your Clocks for Launch“)

Get your copy of Graham and Kaipo and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.


Paul G Day.

number 5 in apes and monkeys





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