Thank You Generous Bloggers

Graham and Kaipo cover rev2 sep2 2015I am so amazed at the buzz my new book is generating all over the place, I’m having trouble keeping up with everyone. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank those bloggers who have been re-blogging, posting, tweeting and liking all over the internet over the last 24 hours. Below is just a sample of what they have been up to, as well as website addresses where you can catch up with them (see the image)

Without the generous support of fans and bloggers, it would be nearly impossible to have a successful book launch and I am truly grateful for the wonderful comments, selfless blogging and endless re-tweeting. I am humbled that my little book has hit a nerve with so many. I adored writing it and putting the pages together for this important book.

Thanks everyone,

Paul G Day

Buy “Graham and Kaipo” on my Amazon Book Page and now also available on MagicBlox.

bloggers generosity

first review for graham and kaipo

Graham and Kaipo cover rev2 sep2 2015



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