Graham and Kaipo cover revised sep 2015That’s right folks. No more waiting. This is it. Graham and Kaipo is by far my most challenging children’s book to date. I say “children” but the reader must be advised although I have this categorized as suitable for grade 4 and older, parent discretion is advised because (as my wife so eloquently put it) “It’s a little scary” πŸ™‚ Don’t let that put you off. For one brief moment this book might cause you to think in a fairly realistic way, but there is no real violence, only a subtle visual suggestion. However, please address any concerns to yours truly. In my view both as a parent and teacher, there is nothing in this book most modern children aged 9 and older can’t handle. It is certainly a powerful story about animal (and other) trafficking, but told with great sensitivity and care and a fair amount of good humor thrown in for relief.

That being said what can the reader look forward to? Well, at 74 full color pages (total) it’s an engaging visual and narrative treat (high on the visual). I have tried hard to vary the imagery to keep it fresh and use a range of techniques readers will see in many other similar graphic novel/stories, with a few unique to mine. One thing I want to emphasize is that I did not set out to write a politically motivated book designed to persuade the reader. I just wanted to tell a great yarn in the context of a broader, important subject. The focus here is (as it should be) on story. However, I did want to engage the reader to promote discussion, especially between parents and their children, as well as teachers and students.

For those lucky five people who scored a free book, yours will be arriving in an email as soon as the book is live. Last count there were three people who confirmed their emails. So hurry. If you miss out, don’t worry. with a list price of #2.99 it is EXTREMELY good value. Get your copy today.

Acknowledgment in the book goes firstly to Chris Graham who provided the original impetus and inspiration for this book in our exchanges online and by email. I suggested doing a book based on our two alter-egos (Mine is The Story Writing Koala) and it went from there with The Story Reading Ape’s blessing. Secondly, my darling wife who puts up with my ever changing mood, my creative energy and my long hours hunched in front of my laptop tapping away in a seeming interminable succession of key strokes as I hammer out my latest, greatest work (they always are. lol)


Graham and Kaipo are two creatures separated by a vast ocean, but who are brought together by fate. In the heart of Africa they find themselves prisoners of heartless human animal traders. When fortune smiles upon them and they escape, they embark on a perilous journey to find their home. Along the way they must face danger, unforgiving wilderness, as well as their haunting past. They began as strangers, became friends and are destined through courage to do something extraordinary.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon.


Graham and Kaipo cover revised sep 2015




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