Set Your Clocks For Launch

(Update: Book finished as of 9:32pm local time. 3 hours early. Yippee. Uploading right now. Allow a few hours)

Hi fans, friends and visitors,

Graham and KaipoSet your clocks for 24 hours from now (12:25am local South Australian time). I just finished the last slide (page) for the new graphic novel “Graham and Kaipo”. At fifty pages long it is the longest picture book I have attempted. It has taken me 10 days at an average of 8 hours per day to get all the pictures finished and the dialogue and narrative in place. I now need to tidy it all up and check for flow and artistic variation as well as for mistakes. This has truly been a labor of love and thanks to my good friend Chris Graham for the inspiration. I am including another round of slides below (no spoilers) for you to look at. Please, if you want an advance copy (and are willing to write a review) I am making 5 available for free to the first five who comment below requesting one. These five lucky people will not only get a great story, but will be the first to read it. Stay tuned for the big launch announcement tomorrow night.

The following pages are the “I’m Hungry” sequence from the book and in order exactly as they appear.

Thanks everyone,

Paul G Day


“I’m Hungry” Sequence

im hungry first slide

Im hungry 1

Im hungry 2

Im hungry 3

I know i know

Thats it

come straight down

munch munch




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