Graham and Kaipo

Note: Print version of “Honey Bear’s Sailing Adventure” out soon

Grab a digital version here

Hi folks,

I have another new picture book in the works, inspired by none other than our very special friend of all authors, Chris the Story Reading Ape. A while back I half jokingly suggested I would write a book about an Ape and a Koala (me being the story writing Koala). Well, after giving it some serious thought and with the blessing of Chris himself, I’m going to do it. I’ve already started putting together slides and have designed the cover. I’ve written a brief story outline and have decided on the format. This will be more like a graphic novel for children and tweens, rather than your typical picture book.

So, here is a preliminary illustration and cover.

Graham and Kaipo

Cartoon version


gorilla and koala cage

Cartoon version



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