Sail With Me my Honey Bear

captain red small pic


Hi folks,

Just an update about the exciting new Red Bear adventure with Honey Bear. I have a title, I have a cover and I have done some pages. I had to design the boat from scratch using Sketchup so that I could screen grab it from any angle and make it fit in each scene perfectly. This new book has already generated some interest with some lovely comments from visitors about the promo video I uploaded yesterday. I have included some scenes as well as the cover below and some examples of the boat as captured from Sketchup. I hope you like them.

(Just added more example pages below)

Note this is the alternative title “Honey Bear Come Sail Away”

Honey Bear come sail away cover

Sail with me cover and slide one2

cliff top bears

wharf walk

up and down wharf

captain red

Captain Red Boat design


8 thoughts on “Sail With Me my Honey Bear

  1. This is fabulous! I love your slides. Those little bears are darling, and will surely be a hit with children. The cover is beautiful and attention getting with it’s bright colors and those cute bears in the boat. I think you’ve got a winner.

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  2. Paul, this is adorable. Thank you so much for sending me the update. I have a children’s book/s that I would love to get published, have many in my book; but these were extra special; once again though have just had them ‘knocked back’. I really believe the illustrations are what make children’s books and I love what you are doing. I have been gifted with the words, still into drawing stick figures though :-).

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    • Thanks so much for those comments. You really don’t have to be an artist as such. I use Sketchup to design the 3D elements (such as the boat) and PowerPoint to manipulate the images, using a multi layered system which I have personally refined over 3 years. I think once you start having a go, you will be surprised at what you can do with just these two tools. I am going to do a video tutorial soon. I have done two already on my YouTube channel, but not detailed.

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