Magic In The Dark Of Night


Brave Bear Books logo white borderThis story is not just the story of Brave Bear, but it is the story of my childhood, my life, told simply in rhyming verse with an economy of words, focusing on the raw emotions I still feel to this day. Emotions and feelings which have served as a reminder both of how far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go. I hope you all enjoy this heartfelt story in verse.


Once upon a forest green,

A little bear did often dream.

Of magic in the dark of night,

Until he wakes with morning light.


His brothers and his sisters too,

Would sometimes tease him as he grew.

But of his dreams they weren’t aware,

In the quiet heart of this little bear.


Then one day over honey tea,

This brave bear stood for all to see.

And lifted up his chin so proud,

To speak these words so clear and loud.


“I will find the magic of the night,

Of which oft I dream till morning light.

I shall solve the mysteries of my dreams,

And discover creatures never seen.”


But his words were met with loud disdain,

And scoffs and laughter at his claim.

Even his Mumma and his Puppa Bear,

Smiled knowingly at the words he shared.


He buried their insults deep inside,

And locked away his heart to hide.

But at night as he lay down to sleep,

This little bear did softly weep.


With the morning all seemed new,

For this brave bear knew what to do.

So he packed a cloth with all his things,

And tied it up with lengths of string.


Then he crept out early in the dawn,

And left the cave where he was born.

To venture into the forest vast,

In hopes to find his dreams at last.



 Acute Angle Cover for publishing




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