New Educational Book Release

Hi friends, fans and visitors,

(24 hour free offer has now expired. Buy this book on Amazon)

Acute Angle Cover for publishingToday I am releasing my brand new educational children’s book, “Acute Angle and Peter Perpendicular”. Although it is an educational book, it has the same rhyming scheme and delightful narrative and dialogue in all my books. This was a great deal of fun to write and very rewarding. All character images were created using Sketchup and added via layering using PowerPoint.

I am offering this book for FREE for one day only to anyone who wishes to PREVIEW and REVIEW the book. Please only download this book if you wish to help me out by reviewing it. I will be very interested to know what people think. I am also uploading this book to Kindle on Amazon for people to purchase, but this book will NOT be permanently free as it is aimed at schools and education.

Important: Do not pass on the book to anyone without permission from me. Instead, direct people to this page.

Update: The free offer for 24 hours has now ended. Thanks to all who participated.

You can nowย support me by purchasing the book on Kindle, buy it here on Amazon.

Please go here for other free books on Brave Bear Books.

Please support Brave Bear Books and Author Paul G Day by making a small donation to my BBBFundMe Campaign if you download one or more of my books. Many thanks.

Paul G Day.

Acute Angle Cover for publishing



Acute Angle 4 page sample





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