My Students Inspired a New Book

a cute angle and peter perpendicular2Today in my role as a relief teacher (substitute), I had the opportunity to teach students some geometry words in English. “Mr, how come we are learning geometry in English?” one student asked. “Geometry is also English” I answered, but they were not convinced, so I offered to tell them a story, which I made up on the spot about A cute Angle who met Peter Perpendicular, who was sad because he had been run over by an Octahedron and was quite a mess with his lines intersecting at funny angles.

“Are you alright,” asked Acute Angle.

“Oh I suppose so. I always wanted to be a parallelogram actually, if you must know the truth, but now I’m just a big mess with my lines all intersecting at odd angles. They are supposed to be straight and at right angles, but they are all wrong angles.”

Feeling sorry for him, Acute Angle offered to fix him and left to find Mr Geometry. In Mr Geometry’s shop, Acute Angle convinced him to help. “Well, I cannot fix Peter Perpendicular,” he said, “But I can make him a new outfit to cover his injuries, a triangle in fact.” “you’ll do that for Peter,” said Acute Angle delighted. “Of course and not only that but I can make a colorful tessellation shirt as well.”

Acute Angle 4 slide sampleSo Acute Angle went back with the new outfit to Peter Perpendicular. When Peter Perpendicular tried on the outfit he was so excited, he started dancing clumsily in the middle of the street. Acute Angle watched from the curb, clapping enthusiastically. Neither of them saw a Tetrahedron rolling down the street. When it ran right over Peter Perpendicular, Acute Angle rushed to him to help him up, but realized he was broken. Two parallel sections now lay on the street, broken to make an odd, bent square.

Lifting himself up to sit on the road, Peter Perpendicular looked down at the parallel sections and to Acute Angle’s surprise, smiled.

“I always wanted to be a parallelogram and now I am.”

As a result of this lesson, which was enthusiastically received by the kids, who laughed loudly at my ridiculous acting as I told the story, I thought it would make a great educational book and designed a cover for it tonight when I got home. Here’s the result.

a cute angle and peter perpendicular2



(added on 12th August)
Acute Angle 4 slide sample


Acute Angle slide promo sketchup



(new one just added)

Acute uh oh slideacute angle ran right over


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