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Hi all,

I’ve decided to make at least some of my books free permanently on Brave Bear Books. I’ve done this because making my books free on Smashwords has generated a huge amount of interest, propelling me into the top 30 of most visited authors on that site. This is very surprising and exciting. However, I’ve also launched my BBBFundMe campaign allowing visitors and fans who have downloaded or wish to download books the opportunity to donate via Paypal. Please see the link on the right margin or follow this link for more information.

I had wanted to start a fund me campaign for some time, and weighed up which of the services are best suited to Authors. I decided to allow people to fund my publishing journey directly from this site because Paypal offer the simplest method for doing so and it makes sense to give readers a direct link to the author and his work.

There is no limit to the number of books visitors can download, so long as it is listed as free. There is no obligation to donate and you can donate as little or great amount as you think my work deserves. The only thing I will ask is that if you choose to download a book and do not wish to donate, that you please take the time to review the book(s). Also, please do not give away my books to friends and family. Rather, direct them to this site.

I thank you in advance and special thanks to Janice Spina who was the first to take the opportunity and donate.

List of books available directly from this site.

Please make a small donation or write a review

  1. The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly July 2015 edition (FREE)
  2. Escape from Dark Queen July 2015 edition (FREE)
  3. Children of Mars July 2015 edition (FREE)
  4. Kipp the Kid July 2015 edition (FREE)
  5. Star Child for Kindle July 2015 edition (FREE)
  6. The Red Bearon for Kindle Aug 2015 edition (FREE)
  7. Red Bearonaut for Kindle 2015 edition (FREE)
  8. The Little Green Hen for kindle aug 2015 edition (FREE)
  9. The Mirrorball chapter teaser (draft sample only) (FREE)


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a cute angle and peter perpendicular2

The Mirrorball3

Mantarin queen of insects cover with border

rocket to the moon





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