The Mirrorball Trailer

Hi folks,

Am very pleased to present the brand new trailer for The Mirrorball.




4 thoughts on “The Mirrorball Trailer

  1. Excellent Trailer Paul – I’m particularly impressed by the animation going on with the Glitterball rotating and changing into the sun while the trailer continues to describe the topic – I must have a try at doing that kind of thing 😀

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    • Thanks Chris. I used overlay techniques, did a reflection of the original rotating ball, turned it upside down then removed the sun and made the ball slightly transparent, then repasted the clouds as a final overlay so that it appears behind. Then I saved as a Windows Movie, then used Power Director and cropped the video so that it zooms out, then imported it back into PowerPoint where I added the girl in the window, then exported back into Power Director where once again I cropped the video to zoom so that now the spinning ball and clouds zoom away whilst the girl and window stretch bigger, making it seem as though there is more depth in the shot. Phew. It was actually a lot of mucking around for what amounts to a simple effect, but I am happyy with the result. 🙂

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