The Mirrorball Novel Project

Hi folks,

Well as if I haven’t already got enough to do, yet another idea for a future novel. This one came to me as I stared into the mirror this morning. I am so intrigued by it, that I designed a cover and wrote a short blurb. I have always wanted to write a straight drama about a dysfunctional family, but wanted to wait until the right inspiration and story came along. Well here it is:

A teenage girl struggles with identity and self image in a family where obsession is the norm. Her mother hordes mirrors and her whole house is full of them. Her father is recovering from a work place injury and has turned to alcohol. Meanwhile, her little brother thinks he is a super hero. The girl spends her days staring out her bedroom window. Her room is only place uncluttered in her whole existence. Across the road is a junk yard with a giant spherical ball of welded framework taller than a two story house. One morning, with the sun rising through the metal ball, in a moment of inspiration she decides to act. Little does she realize that her inspired moment of creation would become the one thing this family desperately needs to return to something like normal. This is a transformative story of hope out of chaos and hopelessness. Here is my cover.



The Mirrorball3


Mirrorball characters

Mirrorball story background




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