Welcome To The Kingdom of BenEden

Hi visitors and friends,

Four Edged Sword thumbnailYesterday I put together a new WordPress page exclusively for my upcoming series The Four Edged Sword. Today I am launching this new site exclusively here at Brave Bear Books. The new site will focus on the project on an ongoing basis, with new details of the story, maps and the world of the Kingdom of BenEden as I go along. This is going to be a massive challenge. All the groundwork has been laid, I just need to finish writing the first draft, which will take some time to do. This is no children’s book, but aimed at older readers and adults. It will be up to 600 pages of pure fantasy, set against the backdrop of war, political intrigue and the struggle of the central family as one man seeks to wrestle back control of the four kingdoms, before someone of great malevolence destroys the world.

Four Edged Sword coverThe catalyst for the action and drama is a great legendary sword, The Star of Eden, a four edged sword of enormous worth and significance. The problem is the sword was split into four blades an age ago by the act of an evil King, plunging the lands into a never ending conflict. But the true heir and descendant of the last great good King, has been reluctant to search for the blades until something happens to force his hand and he must act before it’s too late.

Complicating matters is the fact that his estranged wife and former Queen of the South has been manipulating the King of the East who has been searching for the blades.

You will notice that on the right margin is the new cover which is also the link to the new site. But just in case, follow this link and it will take you straight there. Please make sure you leave a message while you’re there. Many thanks for your interest.


Four Edged Sword series




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