Interview with Children’s Author Paul G. Day

The first interview as a result of my offer to give away copies of my five novels to anyone who would do an interview. I am happy to present this to my readers, who might be interested in my thoughts on writing. 🙂 Thanks Mary. Five novels are heading your way. Make sure you check out Mary’s blog as well.

Lucidity Publishing

I was offered the chance to interview Paul G. Day if I would post the questions and answers on my writing blog. Here are his thoughtful answers and I hope you will all learn from him. I know I have. I especially liked the answer to my question How Much of the Book is Realistic? It gave me the key to something I have been working on in my own writing. You don’t have to reproduce real events, but real insights or principles may come through.

Thanks, Paul, for this great interview.

What inspired you to write your first book?

My first book was The Misadventures of Red Bear and I was inspired to write it after the tremendous feedback I received on writers-network when I posted it as a five part poem. The poem itself was inspired by my own journey and the struggles I went through as a young…

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