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Dear friends, visitors and fellow writers,

I am struggling to find the time to write all the books I am currently working on. I want to finish them all, but am having great difficulty deciding which one to finish first. My head is full of ideas as usual and most times I can talk myself into which idea to focus on. As many of you know I have been working on sequels to Star Child and Children of Mars, but I also want to write another junior novel titled Rocket to the Moon. I am also working on my first adult mystery/thriller titled The Thirteenth Door. The trouble is, I like all of them. So, I am inviting my readers and those who frequent or visit this blog to decide for me via the poll under the graphic below.

All you have to do is choose which of the four books you think would interest you as a reader the most and the one which receives the most votes will be finished first. Please read the revised blurbs for each book cover and then indicate in the poll which is your favorite. It doesn’t matter if you have read any of the first books in the two series or none of my books at all. Your decision can be based purely on the ideas in the blurb. Thanks for participating. Make sure you vote. 🙂

help me decide



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