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Red Bear Indian coverThis month marks three full years since I published my very first picture book titled The Misadventures of Red Bear. Since that time I have published a further nine picture books and five novels aimed at readers aged eight to Adult. As well as these I have also published three poetry anthologies.

The past three years has taught me much about publishing, cover design, marketing and my own abilities and limitations. I have almost given up many times and have witnessed significant changes in the indie book industry. I have blogged, tweeted, tubed and flogged my books to whomever wanted them. I have run giveaways, competitions, local signings and a number of other events.

Black Fairy and SequelDuring this time I have gone through periods of serious self doubt and have had to fight off the demons that haunt all writers as they question their own abilities or the direction they are heading. I have received the odd terrible reviews which have forced me to re-evaluate my own worth, only to find that many, many more readers loved my work. I taught myself the art of cover design and those who know me will have witnessed the evolution of not only my book covers, but the books themselves.

With the market on an ever-increasing slide into the negative and many self published authors struggling with sales and recognition, I have been forced to lower my expectations and accept that I will possibly (read probably) never see the recognition and success it brings any time soon. Accepting this fact has made it easier to deal with disappointment and be far more realistic and pragmatic.

Samsung tablet Mars coverHowever, all this time I believed in my own books, in the stories I have told. I have never wavered in this belief. In fact, I can honestly say that my stories are truly unique. They may not be in demand in a world full of vampires, smut and love triangles, but they are my stories, as honest as they are original. I refused to change just to suit the market, believing that my books would find an audience eventually, or the audience taste would shift more towards the traditional, rather than the popular.

As March begins and I look towards my forth year of publishing, I am right now just starting to see the fruits of all my hard work. Just the other day I sold seven print book copies of just one of my books, Children of Mars in one day. Again it seems modest by any measure, but I have never sold seven books in a single day, let alone of one title. I am also on the cusp of achieving one hundred reviews on Amazon (for all books and not including reviews on international Amazon sites).

banjo and angel revised cover smashSo, in celebration of whatever success I have achieved, throughout March I will be holding giveaways, events and other specials. You can help me achieve my short term goal of one hundred reviews on Amazon, by purchasing a book and writing a review or if you have already been given a book or bought a book, leaving a review on Amazon. As well as my achievements on Amazon, I have also received more than a hundred ratings on Goodreads, with an average of 4.75 stars. My overall rating on Amazon is 4.5 stars.

If these stats are anything to go by as well as the many great reviews I have received, then the reader can rest assured, there is value in my work. If you read one of my books, you will not be disappointed. You will read something truly original, something of merit, something memorable.

93 reviewsVisit my Author Page on Amazon, or on Smashwords. Visit my Author Profile on Goodreads and please, even if you don’t buy a book, leave a comment, say hello, even this will help me immensely as people respond well to pages which appear active. While you’re at it, why not drop by on my Facebook or Twitter Page and leave a quick “hello” or “congratulations on 3 years of publishing” (just saying) 🙂



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  1. Paul, I’ve heard of you somehow, perhaps through a fun-loving primate. I don’t think I’ve read one of your books yet, but the covers are familiar. Congratulations, both on your three-year anniversary, and on your interest in writing for younger readers. Once I learned how to read, I read everything I could get my hands on, but folk tales and mythology were my favorites. I’m always on the lookout for books to recommend for younger readers as a consequence. I’ll keep an eye out for any promotions you run.

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