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Well, I have some potentially exciting news coming up in the next few weeks, but more on that later. In the mean time, a couple of my books have been receiving some interesting attention of late. First and foremost, my beloved series, The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly continues to be received well and today marks the 18th review, with an average of 4,75 stars, which I am obviously ecstatic about. My most recent novel, Children of Mars has had a more mixed reception, but interestingly is by far my best seller. I am delighted to report that yesterday I sold 7 paperback copies in a single day through create space. This has never happened before. There may well be an exciting development regarding this title and a certain world wide space enterprise of which I can so no more at this stage, for to do so would be preempting it and nothing is official. Suffice to say that if what I hope happens does eventuate, it will be massive.

Just when my sales were flattening, suddenly and inexplicably, sales for both of these titles have shot up. I am also thrilled to show you a screen grab of the most recent review from a person I had never met until she obtained a copy of The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly. This review made me proud and humbled. You can read the whole thing here, but below is the review as it appears on Amazon.

Review of Black Fairy by Christine



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4 thoughts on “SOME VERY GOOD NEWS

  1. Hi Paul, I’m glad you felt heartened by my review. I went back and changed the title to ‘A read aloud’ book and fixed my typo in ‘read’. I was thinking my grandchildren are a little big for the tales perhaps, and more kids would get to experience them via the library. Same cost. Glad to hear of your positive upswing.

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