Rare Black Magic

Many of you will have passed by and read one of my articles on this blog without realizing that I have a very good selection of books available for all ages. Chiefly among these titles is the perennial favorite, The Black Fairy. With its rhythmic tones and easy narrative, this story takes the reader on a fairy tale journey quite unlike anything you have read before. It is much a story for adults who cherish the purity of innocence as it is a whimsical tale for young readers. If you think you know what a fairy tale is or should be, think again. Watch this brand new trailer with excerpts from the first book. Then, brave chance and cast all preconceived ideas aside and launch yourself into the fabric of this delightful and thoughtful tale. The first and second books are now in a two book volume (eBook only at this stage). Make sure you grab a copy today. This is rare black magic and a unique tale.

The Fairy and the Dragonfly 2 book kindle cover black wing 2


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