Two Book Exclusive Fairy & The Dragonfly Giveaway

(update 19/02/15)

This special offer has now ended. Thanks to all who participated during the five days (extended) of the giveaway.

Hi all,

Today I finished putting together an exclusive giveaway for visitors to Brave Bear Books only. For the next twenty four hours, I am making available the complete two book volume of The Black Fairy series, including book 1: The Fairy & The Dragonfly: The Search for the Lost Fairies and Book 2: The Fairy & The Dragonfly:Β Escape From The Queen of Charms. You don’t need to leave this site. Just click on the link below and download the PDF version of the book, complete and FREE. Of course, as usual, it is appreciated (but not obligatory) if you take the time to review.

This is a story so unusual, so unique, that it almost defies its genre and challenges the reader to think differently about fairy tales. The world the reader is presented with is a wondrous, dangerous and beautiful place. Lilly’s journey will take her from the fringes of the fairy kingdom, to the hills of dancing fire, all the way to the mystical mountains and deep into the hidden underworld. She will meet Queens and Lords and be confronted with a terrible evil, which seeks to tear her world apart. But Lilly’s differences are less to do with her color and more to do with the magic contained in the deepest part of her soul. A magic so powerful that even the Dark Queen Eglartharious herself will tremble with fear.

The Fairy and the Dragonfly 2 book kindle cover black wing 2

Legal Notice: This free edition is for the recipient only through Brave Bear Books. Please do not share or send to others. Direct them instead to my author page:Β



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