The 13th Door Cover Redesign & Trailer

Hi folks,

Have had a redesign of the cover for The 13th Door as well as an alternative title, The 13th Gate. The trouble with the second one is that there is already a stage production called that, so I might stick with the original. What does everyone think of the new design, which is a good mix between the fantasy and suggested horror, I think.

Note: Trailer updated to reflect new cover.

Blurb (work in progress)

When Dennis Lee has exhausted all efforts to find the truth of his wife’s disappearance, he turns to a famous Hypnotherapist in a desperate bid to find the truth. The therapist places him in a deep hypnotically induced sleep, promising him that buried deep in his subconscious somewhere, lies the clues to the enduring mystery. In his hypnotic state, Dennis must pass through thirteen doors and enter thirteen distinctly different realities, each one more bizarre than the first. He is promised that when he enters the final door, the truth, no matter what the cost, will be revealed and he will have his answer. What follows is a story so utterly unlike any before it, where his life will be increasingly shrouded in an ever expanding fantastic world as he goes deeper into the realm of memory where the world of dreams is like a great unwritten fantasy and nothing is as it seems.

The 13th Door Red




The 13th Gate



5 thoughts on “The 13th Door Cover Redesign & Trailer

  1. Love the video as it promotes intrigue and mystery. I also love the new book cover. Only thing is, since the title is The 13th Door, would it be better to put doors on those gates? I understand from the storyline that The 13th Gate wouldn’t fit as a title.

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