Hi visitors and friends,

Today I am announcing the forthcoming sequel to the well received Children of Mars, titled “Shadow of Olympus” (full title will be “Children of Mars: Shadow of Olympus”). To help me celebrate I am asking each and every one of you to buy Children of Mars (current book) to launch it into the stratosphere. If only ten people buy this book in a 24 hour period, my book will reach the top 100 list in all its categories. Why is this important? Well, any book in the top 100 of any category is seen by many thousands each day and this exposure is very valuable to an author who wants his or her book to be noticed. So, will you commit to a small purchase and help make history? Or at least give me a reason to celebrate? Ok, just because you care. 🙂

This announcement comes with brand new covers for the proposed sequel, which, by the way, fans of the first book have requested I write. The new book picks up the story where the first book left readers wanting to know more. I can’t tell you too much because I still don’t want to give the story of the first book away. Suffice to say the outline has been written. You can purchase this book on Kindle or in Print from Amazon by following this link.

Here are the new covers:


Shadow of Olympus cover 2


Shadow of Olympus


Shadow of Olympus cover 3

Please let me know which cover you prefer.

Cheers and thanks in advance,

Paul G Day.

Children of Mars full cover



  1. Reblogged this on Inspired Art by Julie and commented:
    I highly recommend Children of Mars. I am halfway through reading it and its a very good read which is difficult to put down. Looking forward to the sequal as well. So hurry…get your copy of Children of Mars today and follow the adventures and dramas of nine children surviving against all odds on the unfriendly planet of Mars.

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