The Future Series Part 1: The Automobile

Hi visitors,

10922634_621249888018730_4159837035854458030_nToday I begin a new series of short articles on the future. As a writer of some science fiction books, I am fascinated by the future possibilities of flight, transport, medicine, space travel etc. In today’s article I have highlighted some facts to consider with respect to our most common form of independent transport, the automobile.

In as little as ten years time, all the vehicles being produced will be self driving, controlled via GPS and all electric. In twenty years time there will potentially be zero deaths on our roads because of technology currently being produced. Our speed, destination and safety will all be controlled via satellite. Our cars will care-of-LATimesautomatically detect if we have been drinking or on drugs by a combination of retina scans, body language and through our sweat. The car will simply not drive if we are impaired. Our vehicles will have night vision which can detect pedestrians and animals hidden from view. It will also be impossible to steal a car as all cars will be matched uniquely to their owner, as they will be equipped with sensors which have facial and body recognition, in addition to finger print and retina scanning capabilities. For this to happen we will all need to sacrifice driver control, but the payoff for us all will be profound. 

audiAudi, BMW, Mercedes and Vovlo already have self drive vehicles in development and Google have been testing a self drive car for two years. Apart from vehicles, at least two companies have flying cars ready for mass production and one of those has FAA approval.  These flying vehicles, like their street bound counterparts will be capable of being completely controlled via GPS.

Imagine a world where there is no such thing as speeding, where accidents are virtually unheard of, where all vehicles are linked wirelessly to each other, where you can detect hazards well in advance, where vehicles automatically slow down for the road conditions. The ramifications for safety on our roads cannot be overstated. Stay tuned folks, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Next Topic will be “The Future Series Part 2: Flying Cars”

Paul G Day

Below is a demonstration of the BMW self driving vehicle


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