Not Your Typical Fairy Tale

Black Fairy and the Dragonfly WordPressI challenge my readers to consider what I am about to say with respect to one of my stories, The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly. It is in no way your typical fairy tale. It is not a world of idle happiness, full of everything that brings little souls joy and peace all day long. It is not a place where only good thoughts occupy each and every day. It is, at its core a fairy world, but underlying the superficial facade is a very real danger we all face each and every day of our lives; evil.

This evil appears in two forms, Denheroth, a sickening darkness who appears as black lightning and Eglartharius, a menacing dark Queen, sinister, deceptive and ambitious. These two characters stand in stark contrast to the pureness of Lilly’s heart and her unending mercy and love for her own people. It stands in contrast also with the endearing innocence of the other forest creatures, the dragonflies, the grasshopper Queen, the Frog Lords of Sereth-Eben, the Beetles and the creatures of the Mystical Mountains.

No, this is nothing like anything you have read or will read. It might start like other tales, setting a scene of innocence and beauty, but as you read this book, you will find yourself drawn into a world so unlike that of other tales, you will wonder what new mysterious and imaginings will be revealed next.

Escape From The Dark Queen wordpressYou will delight in the language of the dragonflies, with their unique, quirky, lyrical repetitions. You will be mesmerized by the descriptions of the Hills of Dancing Fire, the Underworld, the Mystical Mountains, the Chasm of the Crystal Sphere and many other locations. You will be bewildered and perplexed by the strange dreams, echoing the dream like quality of the narrative. Above all else, you will be drawn in by the deceptively simple tones of this beautifully realized story. Read The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly and then read the sequel, Escape From The Dark Queen. By the time you reach the end of the second book, you will be satisfied with the ending and you will be glad you took the time to read this magical story.

This book is available as an eBook on several online outlets, as well as in print. A new special two book edition has also been released for Kindle and will also soon be available in print. As well as this, you can request an audio book copy to be shipped to you once you have ordered a copy of the print editions of the book.

I hope this has helped you decide to read one of my most loved series. Happy reading.

Paul G Day.

Official review from The Kindle Book Review

Kindle Book Review Black Fairy Book

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