Brave Bear Books Goals For 2015 and Beyond

Hi all,

Brave Bear Books logo white borderI am happy to report that January has taken up where December left off. I am now selling books every day and in the last 48 hours I have sold 5 books (3 digital and 2 print). Again it seems modest, but this is very positive after so long languishing in the sales wilderness. Things are definitely looking up. I also received 3 reviews over the same period, which I am delighted about. One such reviewer said he would buy more of my books and has since followed through with that promise.

This year I plan on contacting more libraries. I already have promises from a few local ones that they will stock my books. But before I do that I am making my way through each of the print versions, checking for things I can fix or make better.

I am also planning a book launch and signing on a much larger scale soon at one of our major local events. I am using what profits I make to fund these events. I’m also considering undertaking a crowd funding event at some point in 2015 after I work out exactly what I hope to achieve and what my finances would be used for.

space ship control roomBut the most exciting thing I am planning is a short video for Star Child. I want to make a mock-up of a control room for Destiny and hire the services of the girl who appeared as Jane in my Kipp The Copper Coast Kid film from last year to play Tamsin. This will require fitting out a shell manufactured with ply wood and sprayed metallic, complete with screens, switches, lights and a back screen showing an approaching planet. I have an outbuilding down the back where I want to construct the whole thing. It’s a huge challenge but I think I can pull it off, with a little help from Cyentine Eye Productions (YouTube Channel operated by my daughter and her friend).

Black Fairy and the Dragonfly WordPressOne of my long term goals/dreams is to have someone produce The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly as an animated feature, TV series or Web Special as I think it would be a stunning story if brought to life on the big screen. I realize this is a bold dream, but I can visualize it in my imagination.

I like to dream big. I am a big picture person. The small steps along the way are just that, steps. But if you think of it like a hike or a journey, even the longest trek starts with a few small steps and if you keep walking, there is no distance that is impossible.

Paul G Day.

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