Sales Results For 2014

Hi all, here are some stats for the final quarter of 2014 I thought you might be interested in.

Sales from October to end of December

  • $84.00 (61 Print Books)
  • $48.99 (27 Amazon Kindle eBooks)
  • $7.89 (Smashwords)
  • $140.88 Total Sales Profit

I ran 3 advertising campaigns on Goodreads, resulting in the following:

  • 54 click-throughs

I ran another advertising campaign on Author’s Den with the following results:

  • 10,860 views (five titles)
  • 68 click-throughs

Review Totals

  • Amazon: 84
  • Smashwords: 2
  • Goodreads: 97
  • Other: 10
  • Total Reviews: 193
  • Average rating (out of five): 4.76 (all inclusive)

Some important things to note: I did not achieve a single sale in the three months prior to December 2014, so I am ecstatic with the results, even though they are still modest. I have a long way to go to achieve the kind of financial success I am aiming for, but it must be said this is no longer the primary focus. It’s funny how when you stop worrying about it things begin to happen. It only cost me $30.00 to run my campaigns and I reached many thousands in doing so. Out of my Goodreads campaigns, many hundreds (perhaps as many as a few thousand) have indicated an interest in reading my books by checking them as “to read”.

Campaigns last quarter 2014

Although it doesn’t appear like much for all the effort, it is a massive improvement on my flagging sales from September through to the end of November. This for me is looking very positive. For almost an entire month I have sold books every day. That has never happened. I limited my gifting to just four people this time as it had cost me too much in the past. I am not making huge profits, but I will put what I have made to good use by ordering print copies of my books for local signings.

Anyway, I thought this information would be useful to all you struggling authors who follow my blog.

Thanks for helping make this possible.

Paul G Day.



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