5 Star Review For Children of Mars

Hi friends and visitors,

Samsung tablet Mars coverWell it’s been a while coming, but I finally got a (second) five star review for Children of Mars (see review below). I’m more than happy with four star reviews of course, but given one very negative review preceding this last one, I was thrilled. It has to be said here that apart from running a competition to gift some books, I have not solicited any of these reviews. I am a great believer in publishing all reviews, good or bad and I encourage anyone who reads this book to write a thorough review. The reason for my stance is that books which attract lots of mainly five star reviews are either brilliant, or else questionable. I have seen five star reviews awarded to books which don’t even deserve to be called books. I have also seen books slammed that in my view are much better than the review suggests. A book which attracts a wide variety of reviews has credibility.

If you have been thinking about buying one of my books, why not check out my Amazon Author Page and see what I have to offer. My book prices are attractive and fair, without being unnecessarily cheap or over inflated. If you do buy one, you will be doing me a huge favor as well as getting for yourself a great read.

Paul G Day.

COM Review 6

Children of Mars full cover


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