Rediscover The Joy Of Books

Tiffiny reads Kipp and other booksDo you feel like you are all alone in the universe, struggling to figure out what on Earth is going on? Were you ever abandoned, misunderstood? Have you ever felt unsure of who you are or should be, or could be? Perhaps you are on a journey of self-discovery or enlightenment. Maybe you have just decided you have had enough of being treated unfairly and have left your circumstances to branch out and explore the wider world.

All of us are on a journey. Life can be unforgiving, even cruel to those regarded as weaker than others. Despite your best efforts to clamber above things, something or someone is always there to drag you back down. If this is you then consider this: For each of us there is a story to inspire, to instruct and even to illuminate our life. My stories are such stories. The Black Fairy is an outcast, misunderstood, abandoned and all alone. Red Bear finds himself the victim of his own innocence. The Little Green Hen has been picked on, bullied and ultimately rejected. Tamsin finds herself alone in a world she cannot understand. Kipp finds solace in rediscovering the beauty of exploration and learns to love again. Freddie and Pierre find courage in the wake of their parents absence as they search for answers to difficult questions.

These are characters we can all identify with, whether we are four, or ninety four. These are stories which reflect the journey each of us must take in life as we face the unpredictable, unfair and often cruel world we inhabit. But more than that, the stories I write reach deep inside, revealing the courage, resilience and magic in all of us.

Come on a journey, explore my books, see yourself reflected in the circumstances and problems my characters face and learn what it takes to overcome, to endure and to triumph. Rediscover the the joy of books, the love of life and find yourself again.

Paul G Day.

Tiffiny reads Kipp

 New video for an all new Red Bear Adventure below


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