Brave bear Books Year In Review

Hi friends, visitors and fans,

Brave Bear Books logo white borderWell, what a year it’s been. It began, as it usually does with high hopes and a new commitment to writing. But shortly after the beginning of the new year I had all but given up on writing, only to start all over. Later in the year I did the same thing. It seems to have been a bit of a pattern regrettably. However, I have always managed to come back with renewed enthusiasm and a better outlook on writing. This last time I decided the only way to cope with the ups and downs of being self published was to view it as a hobby and let whatever happens, happen. Surprise, surprise, this new way of looking at it has made it that much easier to deal with disappointment. Even a very negative review and email correspondence wasn’t enough to shake my enthusiasm and this in itself is real progress.

At this point it is certainly worth taking a look at my own achievements in 2014. I hope you will bare with me and share this journey as you also reflect on your year.

On January 17th I published a new book in the Misadventures of Red Bear series titled The Red Bearon, where Red Bear dreams he is the Red Baron and explores the whole world. This was followed in April by another Red Bear book, Red Bearonaut which follows on from the end of The Red Bearon. Only a week later I re-wrote and reproduced my other dear children’s book and released it with all new images and a new story as The Little Green Hen. In that book a little chicken, who his hen pecked all her life, finally decides she has had enough and escapes the farm to search for a life of her own.

Then, in June this year, I released my long awaited sequel to The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly, titled, Escape From The Dark Queen. This book proved to be longer and more detailed, answering all the questions raised in the first book, whilst bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion. This book was a joy to write and I was particularly pleased with the reception of readers who had read and loved the first book. I followed that release with a two book edition of both stories in one volume which at present is only available as an eBook, but is soon to be released as a print edition.

In September I began to write Children of Mars, but didn’t really get into writing it until I entered the NaNoWriMo challenge. I managed to finish the novel with a day to spare and then spent the next two weeks editing and proofing the book. The official launch of Children of Mars was met with a good deal of interest and I experienced immediate sales, which has petered off since. The reviews have not been as good as I would have hoped, but as my stories are in a constant state of flux and improvement, I expect this to be eventually loved by readers as well. I loved writing this book and enjoyed crafting a science fiction story.

Finally, in December this year I released my ninth children’s book, Banjo & Angel, a story about a little puppy dog who goes in search of his best friend Angel, who suddenly vanishes one day, along with his owner. This book came as a result of a writing challenge by Jodi Desautels and then developed into the book you see today.

All my books are originals, as are the photo-illustrations. The process I use for illustrations involves a combination of live shots of still or moving subjects, layered against two or more backgrounds to get the desired final effect.

It has been a big year, with huge ups and depressing lows. My greatest achievement to date in 2014 has been a month of steady sales in November following three long months of no sales at all. As I look towards 2015, I have been re-energized and find I am more ready today than ever before to work to improve the exposure of my books and keep improving my writing. A highlight has been writing my first fifty thousand plus word novel, which whilst it was hard work, was very rewarding.

2014 also saw me achieve 80 reviews on Amazon and 90 ratings on Goodreads.

I want to thank those of you who showed incredible patience with me as you witnessed my ever shifting mood. My true fans are those who have stuck by me, even when I had given up on myself.

Cheers all and Happy New Year.

Paul G Day.

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