Latest Review With My Thoughts

Hi friends and visitors,

On reading my last post, it might appear as though I kinda reacted badly. Sorry for that folks. lol. You know how it is when someone you don’t know, makes a comment about things they don’t understand about you. You tend to get a little defensive. Ain’t that the truth?

Well, after giving some thought and sleeping on it, I have concluded that the best response is to use this review to my advantage and put a positive spin on something negative. So, here’s my challenge. Why not grab a copy of the book and see if you agree with the comments of the said review, posted here in its entirety for your reading pleasure.

It has to be said after reading a sample of the reviewer’s own work, it is safe to say I feel more confident about my own books today, than I did last night. After reading some of the reviews of that person’s work, I feel even better. A long standing friend of mine, who I won’t name here because the “The Great Ape” would be embarrassed, said to me, “roll with the punches.” So I will.

I was going to blank out the reviewer’s name, but since she was good enough to post her honest opinions, who am I to deny her her moment.

I believe in my work and the vast majority of people who have read it also believe. I refuse to let one very negative review ruin it, no matter how long or detailed.

But when people insinuate I have no talent or credibility, when they infer I need to go back to school and learn how to write and finally when they “suggest” I should pay them for their unsolicited advice (yes she really did request this) and even give me the link to pay  for 2 hours of work (at $100 and hour) via Paypal, it starts to get a little ridiculous.

I should mention here that I did go to school and then University where I gained a BA majoring in English and Drama and then went on to do a post graduate degree in Education. So when a person like this, who claims to be highly educated assumes that I am not, without actually checking, it is infuriating to say the least.

People who know me know that I am the first person to highlight my flaws, my weaknesses etc. But, they can also see the tremendous amount of insight, narrative skill and story telling abilities I possess as evident in my 2,000 published poems, three poetry anthologies, 5 novels and 8 children’s books to date. Is my work perfect? Definitely I am always improving. Whose work is perfect anyway? But are they worth your time? Don’t ask me, read the other 82 reviews on Amazon and 90 on Goodreads and then decided for yourself.

Thanks everyone who contacted me to offer their support. I am not blinded to my failings, but nor do I have an unrealistic view of my own talent. The only think I have ever claimed is that I write “Simple stories” that anyone can read, which are “beautifully told.”

Original review below

sally review pt1

sally review pt2

sally review pt3


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