Two Free Books Left To Give Away

Hi friends and visitors and Merry Christmas from Brave Bear Books,

Yesterday I gave away 3 digital copies of Children of Mars (Congrats to Jaq, Annette and Sally). I have 2 left to give away. Here’s what I posted yesterday:

“I am going to gift a digital copy of Children of Mars to the first five visitors to post their email in response to this thread. Those lucky five will of course be expected to post a review on Amazon and Goodreads and of those five reviews, I will select the best, most detailed and thoughtful review to win a signed print version of the book, including an exclusive Audio Book version (on a DVD) as well as a limited edition T-Shirt with Children of Mars emblazoned on the front. The total value of this prize is $30.00 so it is well worth it. But what price can you place on a signed copy of my book? Well, only history can say that. Anyhow, get to it peeps. Make sure you respond with:

β€œYes please I would like a free digital copy of Children of Mars. Here is my email:”.”

I will gift the book straight to your email from Amazon and you can download it from there to your Kindle device or Kindle App (available on PC, MAC, Android device, iPad, iPhone etc.).

This will have a tremendous impact for my book and help to boost my author ranking. You get a great free book as well.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the book.

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11 thoughts on “Two Free Books Left To Give Away

  1. In August I declared myself to be a Book Reviewer and since then I’ve read/reviewed almost 45 books. ALL of which I’ve won. I DON’T ACCEPT requests to review a book. I see an opportunity to get a FREE BOOK which seems interesting I enter the giveaway,,,If I win I review the book, I’ve got over 10 books now on my TBR.

    I prefer REAL BOOKS, especially if they’re signed, But I also review e-books.

    Check me out on Amazon for the reviews I’ve done. If you really love one, please say YES at the end of the review. You can also check out my two books while you’re there.

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    • Robin, I just read your lovely review. Because only three people have reviewed, I am going to send you a signed copy of the book, along with a T-Shirt and Audio DVD Book. Please email me your address details to to receive the gifts as promised. It will be a wait though as I need to order some books and T-Shirts made so I can send them out. Your review will be a tremendous help. Please read my comments under the review on Amazon. Thanks again. πŸ™‚


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