The Boy, The Child, The Innocent

Hi all,

Brave Bear Books afloat2 insetI just want to tell everyone that I am fully aware some of the things I say on here seem, well, strange. I know I am different to most people. I think differently about the world and my quirky, weird, unique view of life and the world is reflected in everything I do and say and write. Some people cannot accept this. They feel they cannot identify with someone like me. If this is the case it matters little. Why do you think I am a teacher. Children don’t judge. They see you for what you are and love you regardless. That’s why I chose to surround myself with young people and why I care so much about them. It’s even why I chose to write for them and about them. I have worked with children and young people for many years and do you know what I discovered? Young people have more common sense than adults. They are not blinded by hatred or intolerance. They see the world through innocent eyes, with faith and a beautiful spirit. But adults? It is the adults of the world who have hurt me the most, from the very moment I could speak to the present day. it is the adults around me who are my greatest source of frustration. Not all of course, not the ones I care most about thankfully. It was an adult who abused me emotionally and physically when in my late teens I was forced into a situation with a boss I hated more than anyone else on the planet. More recently, it was another adult, my Principal who is the worst bully imaginable. It was adults in my religious experience who spread their message of hate for others and their insidious preaching of eternal hell-fire (which btw although I consider myself a Christian, my beliefs have no place for such a torturous hell) In fact, there aren’t many adults in my life apart from my wife who had a positive impact on me. So, now you know why I prefer to be surrounded by young people who see me the way I am, flaws and all and accept me regardless. The characters in my books reflect the person who I really am, deep inside, the boy, the child, the innocent. In a sense that boy has never changed. The adults around him have changed, only not for the better. If you really want to know me, read my books. In them you will find the true me, the me I would like to be known as and not the me people still judge and find wanting.

My books have the same honesty I would like to be remembered for. I’m not talking about a perfect honesty, but a child-like honesty. One which views the world as a place both dangerous and beautiful. There is as much magic in the world as there is evil and this constant battle between the two juxtapositions is reflected in the stories I write.

Paul G Day.


3 thoughts on “The Boy, The Child, The Innocent

    • Thank you for that great review I just found for Banjo & Angel. After the most recent review I recieved for my novel, yours was a timely reminder of why I write in the first place. 🙂


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