Help Me Reach My Goal

Hi all,

I don’t often ask for anything. Most people who have helped me have generously given of themselves without any thought of getting back. However, from time to time I get all courageous and go for it. Like the roller coaster and graphic bellow, I go from very low to very high and right now I am on a high. In fact, the highest I have been ever as a self published author. I just cracked the magic 20,000 mark on the all time Amazon Author Rankings (Kindle eBooks). It doesn’t sound that impressive, kinda like saying you came third in a race with only three people (which by the way happened to me in school and one of them was a girl. lol). However, considering there are an estimated 14,000,000 authors on Amazon (yes that’s fourteen million), this is an achievement. Having said that, I am not exactly selling hundreds of books, which I will need to do if I am ever to crack five or even ten thousand.

With the help of my wife, we calculated that I am in the top 0.13 percent of authors. Again it sounds impressive and I could put any kind of spin on that, but the reality is many best sellers are struggling. This is due to the huge volumes of books now on Amazon. Anyhow, it’s worth a crack. After all, the reviews speak for themselves and I guarantee that at the very least, you will enjoy a cracking read. At the very best, you’ll be helping me out. In any case, your support even by reading this is very much appreciated.

Cheers all,

Paul G Day

Help me reach my goal


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