A True Star Child is Born

Hi again everyone,

The reviews are coming in for different books and every day this week there has been at least one new one. Aside from Children of Mars, my other Science Fiction series, Star Child, is gathering momentum. Below is the latest review, as well as my review averages for the book. 

Thanks to Cailtlin Wardle for the enthusiastic way she has taken to my books. She is a true Star Child. Caitlin has her own blog page. Please support her blog by visiting the link to Bend The Bookshelf here.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

Paul G Day.

Star Child review and sample 19 dec 2014



Almost 900 years into the future, the aging Starship Destiny is nearing the end of its long voyage. On board is the only survivor of Earth, a young girl called Tamsin. Raised by Destine, her humanoid companion, she struggles to comprehend a past she was not part of and a future she finds difficult to accept. Surrounded by robots on board a sterile ship, Tamsin will discover that Destiny has many secrets and that Destine is not who she appears. Over three sprawling books, Tamsin unravels the past, piece by piece, while she comes to terms with her own destiny and the fate of all humanity.





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