Update Post Book Launch

Hi everyone,

Children of Mars small cover dec2014Well, I never expected to be this busy straight after a launch. it usually takes some weeks to get any momentum going, but this book seems to have connected with my audience, something for which I am extremely glad. I have sold 8 books so far (and gifted a further book to an eager young fan whose persistence has paid off for her lol). I have been contacted via FB and Email and Twitter by those interested to find out more about me and my books. I already received a lovely review from someone (note: I no longer solicit reviews, although occasionally if someone asks for a copy for free I request they write a review as a favor).


Needless to say I am more than happy with the way the book has been received so far and although 8 books does not sound like a lot, it is certainly better than my sales of late and after only 2 days is encouraging. Every time I release a new book I hope that it will be the one my readers like and respond to. I never write a book unless I believe in it and never write according to the dictates of a perceived market. Hence, I don’t write about Vampires, Shades of Grey, Werewolves, demons or anything else. Everything in my books comes naturally, as part of my normal creative process and in my own style. It is not forced, but has a life of its own, growing to become the book it wants to be, rather than what I force it to become. I am constantly amazed at how many times I find myself laughing or even crying as I write the words and let the characters, the narrative, tell me the tale.

Of course, my books are constantly in flux. I am always reviewing and revising, fixing, updating so long as I find errors, typos, inconsistencies or any detail, no matter how small that needs work. Thus, my first novel is better today than it was when I released it. But as time goes on, I am better at seeing such flaws as they happen, but even then I go over them several more times, even after publishing, to make sure they are as perfect as possible. This is one of the benefits of modern publishing. Changes can be made, uploaded and readers notified so they can update their e-readers. If I was traditionally published, this would all be out of my control. I have seen some dreadful mistakes and typos in some books I have read and loved, so it does not concern me. However, if a reader spots something, I am more than appreciative when they tell me and I usually respond by making changes. On rare occasions the change isn’t necessary.

Children of Mars is a book I wanted to write for a long time. Ever since I read Kim Stanley Robinson’s incredible series on Mars, I thought how much I would love to do that. But I am realistic in my expectations and limitations and chose to write a book that young people and adults would enjoy. In some ways it is a simple narrative, focusing on character and drama, punctuated by moments of terror or danger. For me, a story is not a story unless people can relate to and believe in the characters. As such, my characters are as real and natural as I can make them.

I really hope that those of you who have bought or will buy my book, will get something worthwhile from it and enjoy the journey these nine children are on as they face a world both beautiful and dangerous.


Paul G Day.


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